Workshops & Seminars



 Vedic Courses:
To learn Vedic chanting and Sanskrit language for happy life as you know Sanskrit is the language of Devtas – the deties. Devatas means special power of nature that brings unlimited happiness in life, which will support you to purify your heart, mind, body and surrounding environment. This will support to maintain spiritual progress, peace of mind, good health, wealth, happiness, and success...

Meditation Programme:
The meditation help to release the stress accumulated on mind and body due to busy life. It provides peace of mind, energy and more physical strength. It removes the problems of insomnia, hypersensitivity, blood pressure, fear, depression, negativity, and other problems. You can get more support of nature and enlightenment through meditation.

OM Shree Ganeshaya Namah

Ayurveda cooking course -
basis and advanced

Ghee, dhal soup, different curries, paneer, read leave, chutney
+ masala for differently curries
Course price inclusive food for each day 39 €
Cook and get healthy!!!