Yoga and Meditation

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song meditation:
The mantra is a favorite by us;
it balances and promotes sleep and helps unconscious problems to be solved: to accept the life lessons as it is.

There are eight YOGA ways:

Yama - conducive behavior
Niyama - avoidable behavior
Asana - postures
Pranayama - breathe technique
Pratyahara - control of the senses
Dharan - concentration
Dhyana - meditation
Samadhi - self-realization

Today we live in a very stress-loaded world with all possible economic insecurity, strong competition pressure and a multi-complex social system.
All these factors affect our mind and lead to emotional imbalance, confusion, depressions and sleeping disturbances.
This emotional unbalance often comes by overproduction or underproduction of the endocrine glands.
These glands tip out hormones into the blood, which have a great effect on the body as well as on the spirit.

a yoga pupil can believe in any religion, or also in none.
Yoga is rather a very practical system to the increase of the quality of life. Yoga is a life style for the whole life.
Yoga is a system free of competition for the development of human potential and is based on the concept of self-esteem.
It develops a feeling for individuality.
This leads to the development of self-confidence, self-esteem, respect, dealing with emotions, disciplining the senses, clear intellect, clear thinking and the union of different ways of thinking.
Special Yoga
Breath, concentration, meditation exercises and relaxation technologies have a positive effect with Stress headaches, migraine, fears, sleeping disturbances, fear neuroses, depressionsHigh blood pressure and heart problemsSinusitis, bronchial asthmaPeptic ulcers, acidity, colitis, gastroenteritis, indigestionMenstrual disturbancesDiabetes mellitusCervical pains and back painsArthritis – overweightProblems with the vitality or the urogenital tract
We turn to all those searching and we are glad about course participants with enthusiasm and joy in natural physical welfare methods and in yoga and Ayurveda programs, starting with food containing life energy, relaxation and respiration up to meditation. We help persons to understand their physical constitution as well as the reasons that are the basis of the problems. We show them how they can work on themselves – eating customs and sleeping customs etc. are included– to reach the best possible results.
Consider the great potential of the self healing forces, but also the borders.

Himalayan transcendent meditation (HTM):
Pandit Dr. Dinesh C. Sati MA.Ph. D

It is a simple, natural method, without special concentration with a sound mantra, it gives deep relaxation, contentment, makes happy, successful and it positively influences health.
In Holland + the USA people who are able to do these techniques get 30% of reduction with their health insurance scheme because those people hardly fall ill.
In addition there have been very great studies done in the world, in Japan the health ministry recommends this meditation technology because of the health aspect.

What is Kundalini yoga after yogi Bhajan?

Kundalini yoga gets on as the yoga of consciousness. Kundalini yoga was brought in 1968 by yogi Bhajan, master of Kundalini yoga, from India in the west and is spread out worldwide from about 1 million people. With the Kundalini yoga body practice (Asanas), breath technology, meditation, Mantra (meditation words) and Mudra (finger postures) are combined. The single practise cycles contain dynamic and strongly energetic exercises,

With Kundalini yoga comes body practise (Asanas), breath technology with a cleaning, relaxing and at the same time activating effect, which can already be felt after the first practise hour.

Why Kundalini yoga?
In today's time we often lose the contact with our body, to our feelings and with the essential sighting of our life. We are clamped in pressure of time, working stress and flood of information.
The space for a free development is little, and we limit ourselves, often mentally. If fears, a negative ambiance and a lack of authenticity in life is not questioned, sufferings, stress and illness are the result. These point on blockades which want to be recognised and demand a discussion with regard of one’s own true needs. The most frequent reason that leads people to Kundalini yoga is the wish for more relaxation, and decrease of back pains.

Increase of health and well-being
Kundalini yoga is a self training, in which we learn to let the stress go and to dissolve physical/spiritual blockades. We have the potential and the courage to deal with the problems and to steer our energy to positive and more important levels. In Kundalini yoga, Mantras are used among other things in the holy language of the Sikhs (Gurmukhi). Kundalini yoga is a method, a comprehensive health program and can be exercised independent of every religious affiliation.