Ayurveda Massage & Consultation

Kalari massage by feet

What is an Ayurveda massage good for?

Ayurveda massage promotes relaxation, memory & well-being

Bettering of chronic colds, tiredness, sleep disturbances, migraine & headache, vegetative disturbances, internal unrest, nervousness, fears, back problems.

Recover & relax – like a vacation at home

6 days including 1 laxative day + beverages 235 € (5 massages without overnight accommodation)
13 days including 1 laxative day + beverages 495 € (10 massages without overnight accommodation)

6 days including 1 laxative day 235 € +55 € with daily 1 Ayurveda meal + beverage

13 days including 1 laxative day 495 € +110 € with daily 1 Ayurveda meal + beverage
We recommend a massage cure, it is doing good in case of exhaustion or with osteoporosis, winter tiredness, etc.

Akshitarpana - eye bath with Ghee
Eye bath with Ghee (cleaned butter fat) or herbal ghee: After a short head massage, a mass made from chickpea flour or spelt flour is formed around the eyes to be able to fill body-warm Ghee over the eyes.

This form of treatment is a preventive measure or also with different eye problems, as for example dry eyes, night blindness; also a very successful treatment for diabetics.

The vision is improved, as well as also dark rings under the eyes disappear after
2-3 treatments,

very well and deep relaxation.
40 min. instead of usually 29.50 €
together with eye training 39.00 €

Ayurveda partial massage
30 min. back or head or feet: 29,00 €

Upanahasveda - "the Ayurveda back massage "

Ayurveda back massage is a very beautiful and effective back massage with warm oil. After a treatment by a multiplicity of beautiful massage movements the back feels weightless, free and strengthened. Tensions and blockades caused by stress can be removed.
Duration of treatment: 30 minutes (plus rest period!)

Padabhyanga - "the Ayurveda feet massage"

The Ayurveda feet massage is an extremely soothing and relaxing massage, which has a renewing effect on our body.

It is particularly suitable with swindles, nervousness and it supports a good sleep at night. The fine massage movements gently touch

different Marma points (vital points) of the foot generating vitality for the entire organism!
Duration of treatment: 30 minutes - 28,50 €

Ayurveda prevention massage, 30 min.: 29,70 €
Prevention massage does very good if you suffer from migraine, headache or stress and for recovery

Ayurveda prevention back massage, 30 min.: 29,70 €

What are you doing for your back?
Back massage with herbal layer - 45 min.

Special back relaxation exercises - 45 min.
Everything included 49,00 €

Ayurveda leg/foot/knee Ghee/Oil Massage 30 min 28,50 €
For better sleep and blood circulation

Aftercare with sport injury/fractures, oil massage plus
Special layer, reduces pain and swelling fast,

Protects against new injuries
each 2nd day – approx. 15 min., 5 x 13 € = 65,00 €

Ayurveda head & shoulder relaxation massage
30 min., 29,00 €

Complete body wellness massage, 45 min., 49,40 €
Health prevention, 60 min., 56,70 €
Stress reduction massage + health prevention, 90 min. 78.40 €

Weight reduction herbal massage, 45 min. 45,00 €

Relaxation, Marma point oil massage 120 min. 101,00 €

Special offer
Menopause special offer, 219,00 € (individually 265,00 €)
8x Yoga, 4x massage, 30 min,

Ayurveda check + consultation
1 Ayurveda cooking course

Stress reduction special, 186,50 €
8 x relaxation training

1x head/shoulder massage
2x back massage
1 Ayurveda basis cook course

Prevention program, 160,50 €
Intensive – migraine/ headache

Ayurveda constitution check 60 min.,
3x relaxation training,
3x head/shoulder massage

Ayurveda massage for babies, children & young people
Ayurveda head massage for better concentration; improves nervousness and depressiveness, 25 min.

Ayurveda head massage - 25 min.
Children: 18,50 €; Young persons: 21,00 €

Body massage, 45 min.
Children: 29,00 €; Juveniles 36,00 €

Baby + infant until 2 years - 30 min.
Massage: 13,50 €

In case of cancellation by the client less than 24 hours before the date, we will bill you with 18,00 €.