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In Asia, Yoga is a men’s domain, do you know why?
Yoga & meditation makes successful, prepares them for a good partnership,
they treat their children and employees in a relaxed way,
are merry and successful,
Yoga makes the body fit in the high age
and strengthens the ability to love.

Yoga makes the head clear and free, you learn to stop your thoughts,
relax in any situation in life,
to master long discussions calmly, staying fresh

There is no better way than
transcendental Himalaya Meditation
in order to master the daily stress

Vedic Astrology
The influence of the planets on our health, business & partnership
Pandit Dr. Dinesh Chandra Sati M.A.Ph.D. Jyotirmath Himalaya
- with international reputation.

"Vedic Astrology and the influence on our health & business" as lecture

*** Vedic astrological consultations:
For a consultation now, call: 0091 98 11922 652 India
"This is the knowledge of all life events:
Health, prosperity and luck.
The purpose of the Vedic astrology is to avoid the danger
that did not come yet." Pandit Sati

About Vedic astrological consultations
Relations and marriage, children and training/school, profession and employment
Management consultation, suitable business partnerships
Issues of health and well-being, a good starting point for companies, marriage + house building activity
Removal of negativity by jewels and Vedic procedures
Pandit Dr. D C Sati gave over 6000 personal astrological consultations in India, the USA, England, Germany, the Philippines, Japan, France, Spain and Australia.
He is available also for lectures, conferences, Himalayan Meditation courses and seminars on the age-old Vedic knowledge of life

For your personal consultation, please agree upon a date with

Pandit Dr. D. C. Sati, M.A.Ph. Delhi
Phone: +91 746 501 92 98

Ayurveda head massage,
Very refreshing, stops the thoughts, well against headache, winter depression, makes a radiating, relaxed face - refreshing like 1 week vacation.

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