Pandit Dr. Dinesh Chandra Sati, MA.PhD and his Team at Rishikesh

Dear Frieds, Jai Guru Dev


Wishing good health wealth, happiness and enlightenment  in life.

In the next 2 month coming 3 special ceremonies:

1: Shri Krishna Janmashtami
& 15. Aug 2017 Krishna birthday;
a special day , Yoga, Meditation, spiritual progress, spiritual Work & activities and enlightenment
2: The Pitri Paksha or Shradha means to perform the peace for the deposers

 Persons of 7 generation in family; it will start from (Pitri Paksha 7.-20.Sept. 2017 known as "ASWIN KRISHNA PAKSHA"  to do Yagyas for departed persons of family.
3: Navratri (mother divine 21.-.30.Sept.2017) for performance of special Yagyas to get good nature support and benefit achievement in personal, professional, spiritual, harmonious relationship in family life and excellent success in all areas of life. 


Shri Krishna Janmashtami – 14. & 15. Aug 2017 Krishna birthday Yagya offer.

 Yagya 1 – for spiritual progress + improvement of meditation

 Yagya 2 – Harmony in relationship & family

 Yagya 3 – for support getting benefit for business and work

 Yagya 4 – for good health

 Yagya 5 – overcome of obstacle and enemy

Yagya 6 – finding suitable husband / wife

Yagya 7 – success in family, relationship and good children


Yagya perform by 11 Pandit Category A: 5 days; B Cat: 3 days; C Cat: 1½ day

Special offer Pooja  - join Birth celebration of Lord Krishna including your name: for general happiness & progress in life


For performance of Yagya we need your full name , moon sign , Nakshatra or moon star; if you do not know then send the full birth details like date, time, place of birth, country + state.
With best wishes -Jai Guru Dev,


Dr Pt Dinesh Chandra Sati

Jyotish Acharya, Ph.D. (Sanskrit/Jyotish) phone:+491577 4689052 
Skype Dr.Sati : sati108

Mobile: +49 1577 4335933 Email:  or Skype : sundari-inge


Prof. Dr Dinesh Chandra Sati MA.PhD -Noida India
will come to Europa End of June till 15.Sept.2017


Tour plan 2017 Pandit Dr. Dinesh Chandra Sati, MA PhD, Noida, Indian

24.July Puja 19:00 at Münster-Hessen Yoga-Center -

25.-8.8 Janet – Italy- nearby Milano

09. Aug.  -Luxembourg

11.-15.8. Goettingen Atma Sing + Ravi Kaur/ Steffi Braun Goettingen Tel: 01727340401

Adi Shakti - Centrum for Yoga Weender Str. 102- 37073 Goettingen


15.-17.8.Aug Eckart Geisler Wolfsburg + Braunschweig –Workshop

Tel.0531 - 225 99 92 - Eckart Geisler - Carola Lachenmayer


17.-22.Aug 2017 Bremen

50 years Akademie - IlSE-EICKHOFF-AKADEMIE -18 - 21. August

Check in: - Tel: 0171 1450 108

22.-23. Aug .  Ratingen -(NRW) -Frankfurt –Muenster-Hessen
24./25. 8. Nurnberg – Norbert HESS


25.-26.8. Munichen + Landstuhl- Ludwig

27.8- 3.9.2017 Slovenia to Ljubljana –Hotel Medno Majda workshop Zabukovec-Brcvak ( +38641424682

03.-6. Sept. Croatia -by Zagreb or Rijeka


07. -12.Sept. Frankfurt Germany – Workshop + Vaastu – house cleaning

 Sundari-Inge phone + Whats App: +49 1718361507


08.Sept we want to perform a Puja for children and parents ca.16.00




Sundari-Inge phone + Whats App: +49 1718361507


Ayurveda partial massage
30 min. back or head or feet: 29,00 €

Upanahasveda - "the Ayurveda back massage "

Ayurveda back massage is a very beautiful and effective back massage with warm oil. After a treatment by a multiplicity of beautiful massage movements the back feels weightless, free and strengthened. Tensions and blockades caused by stress can be removed.
Duration of treatment: 30 minutes (plus rest period!)



 Friday  25.Aug  2017 at 10.00 -11.15  Hatha Yoga for young mother with babys Course topics:

Wednesday is possible too - same time

• Background information pelvic floor
• Tips for everyday behavior
Invigorating exercises for pelvic, stomach and back muscles
relaxation exercises from the Hathe Yoga

Info + Application: teacher Anna Bogus
Registration: Inge Heinz -0171 / 8361 507 sundari-inge(at)