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The Month of May 2022 is a very special time for all of us, we are performing
Akshaya Tritiya 1.-3.Mai,
Ganga Dashara 8.5,
Aadi Shankracharya Jayanti 6.5,
 Mohani Ekadshi 12.5 &
Budha Purnima 16. 5 mit Puja & Yagya




Dear friends, Jaigurudev 


wishing good health, wealth, happiness and enlightenment in life.



The Month of May 2022 is a very special time for all of us. This month we will celebrate Akshaya Tritiya, Ganga Dashara, Aadi Shankracharya Jayanti, Mohani Ekadshi and Budha Purnima with Puja and yagya every one can join yagyas. Please choose the yagyas from list. 



If someone wants perform Akshaya Triteeya 3rd May 2022
Yagya for getting good Nature support for business improvement of finance harmony relationship and over come from obstacle and Negativity then they can ask this yagya .


6th May is Aadi Shankracharya Jayanti yagya for spiritual progress and getting blessings from Masters. 




8th May Ganga Dashara for happiness, spiritual progress and enlightenment.


12th May Mohani Ekadshi Brat for getting spiritual growth and Enlightenment. 


16th May Baishakh Purnima and Budha Purnima yagya for getting knowledge and spirituality and progress in life. 




Akshaya Tritiya ,Ganga Dashara, Adi Shankracharya Jayanti, Mohani Ekadshi and Budha Purnima yagya will perform   A ,B  and C category by 11 Pandits 5,3 or 1 day

Akshaya Tritiya A category yagya will perform by 11 Pandits 5 days fee 500€


B category yagya will perform by 11 Pandits 3 days fee 300€


C category yagya will perform by 11 Pandits one day fee 150€


Please inform to your friends  




The Importance of Akshaya Tritiya:


Akshaya Tritiya is very important day in Vedic Calendar. This is perfect day for performing any activity, which will bring success and satisfaction in life. If any kind of venture or task is launched on this day then there will be maximum success in life.


 In order to have perfect use and benefit of this day we can perform certain Yagyas for certain purposes in life. This is the very auspicious day for performing Yagya because there will be maximum result in this Natural Muhurta for doing any auspicious activity.


 We can perform Yagyas for health, wealth, happiness, relationship, children, removal of disease, obstacles, harmony in family, getting a life partner, longevity, more support of nature and fortune, success in profession, better sources of income, material happiness, spiritual evolution and enlightenment too.


 So, it is good to perform suitable Yagyas on this day for maximum support of nature and fortune in your undertakings and to fulfill your desires.




 The list of Yagyas is given below so you can select the suitable Yagya according to your choice and need.


1. Navagraha shanti for favorable planetary influence


2. Nakshatra shanty or yagya for birth star
3. Fulfillment of desires
4. Unfoldment of life
5. Happiness and success in life
6. General progress in life
7. Getting inner and outer fulfillment
8. Getting knowledge
9. Fast recovery from danger and illness
10. Support and improvement of health
11. Removing of obstacles
12. Spiritual progress
13. Getting wealth and Improvement of wealth
14. Success in new undertakings
15. Success in legal cases
16. Clear intellect
17. Peace of mind
18. Improvement of memory
19. Finding a suitable job
20. Finding a suitable husband
21. Finding a suitable wife
22. Getting children
23. Harmony in marital life
24. Improvement of physical and mental energy
25. Good education
26. Social recognition
27. Peaceful sleep
28. Removing of fear
29. Improvement of eye-sight and skin problems
30. General happiness
31. Improvement of good fortune


32. For success in business


33. For starting any venture or work


34: For business in partnership


35. For good support of colleagues and Co-workers at workplace


36: Improvement in finances


37. For good conjugal happiness and family life


38: For successful tour and travels


39: For removal of obstacles in working area


40: for support of neighbor and protection from bad neighbor


41: For fulfillment of desires


 Besides the above mentioned Yagyas, there are many more as per your requirement which you can write and we can arrange accordingly for you.

For performance of Yagya we need your full name , moon sign , Nakshatra or moon star; if you do not know: then send the full birth details like date, time, place of birth, country + state.


With best wishes.


Pandit Dr. Sati




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Dr. Pandit Dinesh Chandra Sati, MA.Ph.D from Noida, UP, India
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