Dream Team

Sundari Ingeborg Heinz
Hatha Yoga Acharya & Ayurveda medicine
Member in the BYAV

Ingeborg, her spiritual name is Sundari.
She was born in Berlin.
As a member of a physician’s family she was early interested in
medicine and studied Ayurveda medicine & Ayurveda massage
at the Mahindra Institute (Bierstein) with Prof. Dr. Gupta, Gujarat-Indien
Prof. Dr. Mishra Varanassi-Indien and Dr. H. Ryhner, Vienna,
training as a healing practitioner, Mahindra Institute and in Kreawi, Karlsruhe

Since 1996, she has been practicing Hatha Yoga
She received her Yoga teacher training with Indian Yogis from the Himalaya in 2000 in the Curukulum system & Sivananda Vedanta center Kitzbuehel 2004,Austria, and Yoga-Vidya in 2005, and in 2006 in Bad Meinberg, Germany
ATTC Advanced Yoga teacher training 12 Oct.-10 Nov. 2007 in Vrindavan, India


Pundit Dr. Dinesh Chandra Sati MA.Ph.D - www.astro-yagya.com
Vedic Astrologer, Sanskrit Acharya, Himalaya Meditation Acharya

He continues the long tradition of his Vedic Family from Himalaya.
He is an expert of the Vedic Astrology. His family practices Vedic Astrology in the Himalaya village Yotir Mathe (Joshimath), seated in Shankaracharya, the source of the knowledge and the center of Vedic Astrology in India -
1998 he took over the Himalayan Jyotish Research Institute, that was directed before by his father and teacher, Acharya Pandit Moti RAM Sati.

He gives consultation & consultation for profession, partnership, good time points for house buying/house selling, wedding date, start of a new business, compatibility of marriage partners, business partners, life consultation in difficult situations, Vedic Guru mantra, Sanskrit instruction & jyotish/vedic workshops.

Anna Bogus

social worker & Yoga teacher

 was born in Oppeln, Poland and has lived in Germany since she was 8 years old.

She is a social worker and worked in the social service of the senior home Heimathaus Darmstadt and later in the senior counseling of the city of Seligenstadt.

She has practiced yoga since her teenage years and has learned to appreciate and appreciate the Kundalini Yoga in Bessungen thanks to the yoga teacher Julia Frühauf.

She has been a Kundalini Yoga Teacher (Level 1, 3HO) since 2012,( Level 2 since 2022) a Yoga Teacher for Pregnant Women and Reconstruction (Shuniya School) since 2015, and in 2016 she began training as a Yoga Teacher for Children and Adolescents (3HO).

At the Yogacenter Münster, she is currently teaching Mum and Baby Yoga and likes to bring in her experience as a mother of three and a female Yogin.