Kids & Youth Yoga

Hatha Yoga for teenagers & parents with Sundari
..has been done by a lot of people world-wide

16:00-17:00 -
Kids & Parents with Teacher Anna


17:30-18:30 Youth - Teeny 13-18 Years

Laughter Yoga with Children all over the World!

Laughter yoga on Teen Watch ! hahaha :))


Fit & healthy with Yoga ***

A lot of people world-wide practice Yoga to stay healthy or to become healthy again, to get rid of tensions in everyday life and to have a perfect health system for body & spirit.

Learning at school gets easier, with a better concentration and creativity - possibility of higher graduations.
Children love these natural movements, which copy nature & animals.
Children reduce overactivity and unrest – children sleep better – children can express their feelings better
– children can concentrate optimally – learning can be substantially better – children are healthier and less susceptible.
Less allergies or asthma, more relaxed; better, clear thinking & good memory ability, good for dyslexic.
Children are happy and self-assured.

Youth & parents Yoga
Hatha Yoga for children and teenagers & parents with Inge
has been done by a lot of people world-wide

Ayurveda massage
..for babies, children & young people

Ayurveda head massage for better concentration, against nervousness

Ayurveda head massage, 25 min.
Children 18.50 €
Youth 21.00 €

Ayurveda body massage, 45 min.
Children: 29.00 €
Youth 36.00 €

Babies & kids up to 2 years - 30 min.
Massage: 13.50 €

Yoga academy program:
Kiddie 50 min of 8 lesson 81 €
Half a year: 27,00 € per month - yoga once a week

young people 90 min course
Half a year: 30,00 € per month - yoga once a week

Your advantage:
Save money or come and do Yoga several times per week!
Receive 10% on massage, workshops/seminars
Ayurveda journal free of charge